Linkgua Semantic API


Hello, you are into developer territory! APIs in general are designed for developers.

The Linkgua Semantic API help editors to monetize and improve the value of their content.

Finding more relevant keywords (places, people, music, films, concepts) in the content and providing the editor with more related information such as products, videos, images, and multimedia about each one will maximize the monetization, the user experience and the session time.

If you are considering a full integration with Linkgua Semantic API, we invite you to read through our brief endpoint descriptions below to decide which is best for you.

basic Annotate

Annotate enables publishers and developers to easily extract relevant keywords from content. The keywords are shown in the text revealing a lot of useful info about each one.

Publishers and developers can create a detailed analysis of the content providing the end user a better experience on the site.

Learn more about the Annotate API End Point.

basic Entity

Entity enables publishers to easily gain a great deal of information, reference products, and multimedia about a keyword or entity.

Using entity brings valuable information on each relevant keyword to your site (Videos, Images, Amazon / iTunes and related products with your reference Id).

Publishers and developers can monetize their content referring related products and improve the SEO on their website. Increasing the time spent by viewers that are absorbing all the useful data brought by the Entity End Point, we can create a more comprehensive consumer experience and improve revenue.

Learn more about the Entity API End Point.