Linkgua Semantic API


The Linkgua Semantic API requires authentication on all endpoints.

Need an API Key?

To authenticate your requests, include your Key and your Token as a query parameter

You can get your credentials :key and :token with the unique pair (key / token) shown in the app dashboard.

basic Restricting Access

By default, Linkgua Semantic API allows requests from anywhere. Tighter security is also an option. You can use the API > Key section of the app dashboard to create a whitelist of referrers and/or IP addresses that Linkgua Semantic Api will accept requests from. All other requests will be rejected with a 403 Forbidden response.

We use a simple "globbing" syntax for referrers, where * is a wildcard that will match any number of characters. To allow all traffic from (but not its subdomains), you will enter*. To allow subdomains as well, you would make it **. Take note of the wildcard at the end, which means that requests that indicate a path as well as a host (e.g. will be accepted.

Globbing works similarly for IP addresses. If all of your requests come from a cluster of servers with IP addresses in the range to, then you would set a single rule 1.1.1.*.