Linkgua Semantic API

Frequently Asked Questions

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Linkgua Semantic API is a set of tools that help publishers, web and app developers create better user experiences and monetize their contents.
You’ll find that with the Linkgua Semantic API endpoints your content will get a new dimension in a few simple steps.

What is Linkgua?

Linkgua delivers the most pertinent and accurate content in real time.
It turns a simple word into rich, relevant information.
Whether you provide services for publishers, advertisers, developers, online shopping, or analytics for PR and marketing companies, we put the most appropriate content at your fingertips.

Why Linkgua?

Because with Linkgua you can automatically embed content from the web, and making additionals API quieres to Linked Open Data contents (Wikipedia, DBpedia, Freebase and others). You can focus on new and more deeper dimensions of your content.

What I'm paying for?

By default you have a Freemium service. After you surpass your free monthly queries, you will be paying for the use of Linkgua Annotate and Entity engine. If you are not developer tell us, we can build custo cards and widgets for you.

I can create my own revenue stream?

Yes. We can add content sources and product affiliate accounts selected by you. You can ask us to create settings that will make branded widgets and cards. We also have a free service program based on sharing revenues from shopping and advertising; tell us about your traffic and content.